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Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone Review

Meeting: 07/01/2019 - Cabinet (Item 145)

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To inform Members of the outcome of the formal consultation for the Town Centre Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) and to seek approval to implement the proposals as contained within this report that have been establsihed in consultation with residents and businesses

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To implement the parking controls within the current town centre controlled parking zone (CPZ) as per the proposals under the Formal Consultation with residents which took place between 30 August and 20 September. 


The Parking Services Manager informed Members that in 2010, the Council’s introduced new Town Centre Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) around the southern perimeter of Gravesend Town Centre.


The schemes were intended to protect residents from an expected increase in commuter parking following the implementation of the high-speed train services to London from Gravesend station. Prior to implementation of the CPZ’s, it was difficult to predict the impact of the change so the Council stated that it would review these measures sometime in the future and it was considered timely to conduct the review in late 2018.


Whilst informal consultation with residents was not legally required, it was considered best practice and an important process in order to gather residents’ thoughts and feedback. Therefore, two informal consultations were undertaken. Using feedback from the responses received, as detailed in the report, an amended set of proposals were mapped out ready to start the formal consultation period.


Members were informed that a response rate of 50% or more, during the formal consultation process, from a specific road or area objecting to the proposals would result in them being amended or withdrawn. This threshold was not met however all of the objections received were thoroughly analysed and in most cases the concerns expressed were addressed and in other cases it was felt that the proposals advertised would still be beneficial to the residents.


The Cabinet was presented with the proposed parking controls as detailed in appendices 2 and 3 of the report. 


Resolved that the implementation of the parking controls as advertised on the Proposed Order (Appendix 2 and 3) be supported.