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Residents parking scheme in Glebe Road

We the undersigned petition the council to In the last couple of years with more people living in and around the Perry Street area the vehicle parking has increased a lot and as long term residents in our Street we have bore the brunt of excessive parking from people on Pelham Road South, Old Road West and all other associated streets adjoining and also opposite our Street. This is made worse by the amount of cars per household from the aforementioned roads who have already been granted the residents only parking permit schemes but have more than one vehicle per household, these people rather than pay for extra permits park their other vehicles in our Street instead. Commuters are known to park their vehicles here too and either board a coach to work or walk to Gravesend train station, the reason for this is that any streets closer to the train station have been given parking permit schemes already which in turn forces commuters further away from the train station. There is also the problem of the local shops and business

Glebe Road is a small street and has only enough parking spaces for residents to park our own vehicles at any given time, Residents in this street are either paying a mortgage or private rent which should surely entitle us to not have the stress of not knowing where we will park when we come home as we do not have the entitlement to park in other side streets as they have permit parking only!.
Myself and I am sure my neighbours would like to have a permit parking scheme similar to that of other roads near us, with which the owners of vehicles who legally live in Glebe road would have to register their vehicles and to display a valid parking permit for Glebe Road only. We wish to restrict commuters, business owners and also vehicle owners from adjacent roads who have numerous cars per household from being able to park their vehicles freely anywhere in our road without any consideration for us residents.

Started by: Robert Bingham

This ePetition ran from 10/04/2020 to 16/06/2020 and has now finished.

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