Local Councillors are elected by the community to decide how the Council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the Ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a four year term of office.

Gravesham Borough Council has 44 elected Members. The borough of Gravesham is divided into 18 areas called Wards, with between one and three Councillors representing each Ward.

Political Composition of the Council

The Council is in a no overall control situation with three Groups, none of which has an overall majority. The composition of the Council is as follows:

Labour - 20 members

Gravesham Independent Conservatives - 13 members

Conservative - 11 members

  • link to details of Cllr David Turner
    Cllr David Turner

    Istead Rise

    Gravesham Independent Conservatives

    Leader of the Council & Safeguarding Champion

  • link to details of Cllr John Knight
    Cllr John Knight

    Istead Rise

    Gravesham Independent Conservatives

    Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member Environmental Services