Issue - meetings

Presentation by Chief Inspector Philip Painter regarding Early Morning Alcohol Restriction Orders and Late Night Levy

Meeting: 20/09/2012 - Licensing Committee (Item 36)

Presentation by Chief Inspector Philip Painter


Chief Inspector Painter outlined the issues he considered relevant to the Borough and the new Gravesham Policing Model that had been put into place.


He gave the Committee information relating to:-


·         the staff allocated to each of the three areas into which the Borough was divided;

·         outlined the Command Structure; and

·         the resources directed towards the Licensing function.


Chief Inspector Painter said that he supported the principle of the Purple Flag scheme which sat well alongside his personal agenda of:-


·         keeping people safe;

·         allowing licensing trade to prosper;

·         challenging assumptions; and

·         having a vibrant, successful town.


The chair thanked Chief Inspector Painter for the really interesting and informative presentation and for answering the questions put to him by Members.