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Corporate Register of Partnerships 2018-19

Meeting: 15/11/2018 - Performance and Administration Cabinet Committee (Item 36)

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To inform Members of the Performance & Administration Committee of the council’s involvement in partnerships that are within the remit of the committee.

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Members were advised of the Council’s involvement in partnerships that were within the remit of the Committee.

The Service Manager (Revenues & Benefits) advised that the partnerships were reviewed annually and there were two partnerships that fell within the remit of the Committee. The Audit and Counter Fraud shared service outcomes were being achieved, costs were being reduced, with resilience and flexibility being increased. Members of the team were learning the different roles within the Team and the audit programme was being delivered despite the challenges of some long term sickness absence.

The Revenues and Benefits shared management arrangements with Tonbridge & Malling had previously been discussed by the Committee with work being undertaken to benefit both the councils involved.

Resolved that the report be noted.