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Cascades Leisure Centre

Meeting: 10/02/2022 - Overview Scrutiny Committee (Item 31)

Call in - Item 16. Cascades Leisure Centre Part B Report

Item ‘Called in’ from the Cabinet meeting of 31 January 2022


The Chair of the Overview Scrutiny Committee has called in the following item for the meeting on Thursday 10 February 2022:


Item 16. Cascades Leisure Centre Part B Report



·       To explore how the Council will engage with the community. 

·       To explore how the proposal will help address health


·       To ensure that the taxpayer will achieve value for money.

·       To give further consideration to the funding proposals.


Cabinet Member:      The relevant Cabinet Member for this matter is invited to attend.


Officer:                       The relevant officers for this matter are invited to attend.



Please find the Cabinet reports for this item attached to this agenda.


Additional documents:

  • Restricted enclosure 2


The Overview Scrutiny Committee considered, and discussed in detail, the Part B information pertaining to the Cascades Leisure Centre report.



Resolved that the Committee noted the Cascades Leisure Centre Part B Report</AI4>





Note: Cllr Peter Scollard left the room when this item was being considered





Meeting: 31/01/2022 - Cabinet (Item 14)

Cascades Leisure Centre

Additional documents:

  • Restricted enclosure 5


Chair in the Chair


The Cabinet was provided with further information which needed to remain confidential at this stage.


Note: Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox left the Chamber during consideration of this item.