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No apologies for absence were received.


To sign the minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 139 KB


The minutes of the meeting of the Board held on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 were signed by the Chair.



To declare any interests members may have in the items contained on this agenda. When declaring an interest members should state what their interest is.


County Cllr Conrad Broadley declared an interest in Item 8c as he is a Member of the Gravesend Sailing Club.


Matters Arising from Previous Meetings pdf icon PDF 8 KB


Members were presented with an update on the actions that were requested or promised at the previous Gravesham JTB meeting.


Traffic Issues raised on White Hill Road


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KKC) updated the Committee on the process of implementing bollards to stop cars from mounting the kerb along the entrance to the school on Sun Lane. Members were informed that they were looking to identify a suitable location to place a zebra crossing, and once this had been finalised, they would look to place the bollards.



Springhead Parkway Rumble Strips


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) updated Members on the progress of removing the rumble strips along Springhead Parkway. Members were informed that they had received a lack of a response from the developers regarding the removal of the rumble strips. However, County Cllr Conrad Broadley assured Members that 90% of the strips had now been removed, but the smaller strips still remained.


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager had not received any further complaints from the residents, but agreed to reach out the developer and raise questions regarding why the removal had not been completed to 100%.


The Chair thanked the Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) for the actions taken.


Reports from Officers


Gravesham Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan pdf icon PDF 125 KB


The Assistant Director (Planning) updated Members of the Board on Gravesham’s Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), highlighting some of the emerging issues, and explained the following:


  • Gravesham Borough Council commissioned, from PJA consultants, a LCWIP, and this was cost neutral for the Council due to funding grants from the Department of Transport and National Highways Designated Funds.
  • The report had been brought to the Board at the request of the Chair of the Strategic Environment Cabinet Committee, Cllr Lauren Sullivan.
  • The encouragement of providing cycling and walking networks was beneficial to the Climate Change offer.
  • Members had been involved in the Plan and it was noted that the Gravesham LCWIP will continue to change and evolve to recognise that opportunities will arise going forward.
  • Projects currently being explored include:


o   Northfleet to Gravesend - workshop held with Members by KCC to explore options following the negative response to public consultation on a proposed scheme

o   Designated Funds – proposals for a route from Gravesend Town Centre to Cascades being explored – work commissioned by National Highways

o   Designated Funds – looking at possibilities for separate pedestrian / cycling / highway along A226 from Gravesend to Higham (KCC bid)

o   Active Travel England Capability Fund – funding to explore if there are realistic options for:

§  A227 Tollgate junction

§  Istead Rise to Meopham walking / cycling route

o   Active Travel Fund Tranche 4 – submissions made but not got any funding as schemes in Gravesham not sufficiently developed to allow implementation in calendar year

o   EDC funded Green Corridors

o   National Highways – Lower Thames Crossing proposals – including diversion to NCN177 (currently along north side of A2) and relocation of footpath across east side of Gravesend


The Board noted the report.



Involvement in the highway aspects of planning applications  pdf icon PDF 118 KB


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) advised Members of the Board that this item was for information only.


The Board noted the repot.



The Kent County Council (various road, Gravesham) (waiting restrictions and street parking places) (Consolidation) (amendment no.11)2023 pdf icon PDF 355 KB


The Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager presented Members of the Board with the report for information purposes only, and highlighted some key points from the report:


·         There were suggestions to the car park located at Gordon Promenade East, as it was currently an unrestricted area and residents can use it free of charge. As a consequence, this was having a detrimental effect on those who were wanting to visit the promenade.

·         It was initially proposed that a two-hour parking restriction was placed on the car park, however, this was met with objections from the Gravesend Sailing Club who would not have enough time sail and get back to their cars.

·         Further discussions were held, and it was proposed that a four-hour parking restriction be placed Monday to Friday. This allowed enough time for the Gravesend Sailing Club to carry out their activities during the week, as well as allowing parking on Saturdays.

·         There had been no feedback on this proposal, and since no objections had been raised, the Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager took this to be a positive sign.

·         The Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager would be seeking to make this a permanent order.

·         Additionally, they were looking to increase the number of parking spaces at Gordon Promenade East and input these measures to regulate the parking.


The board thanked the Parking & Highways Officer for the hard work that had gone into the planning of the additional parking spaces.



Issues raised by Councillors with the approval of the Chair


The Chair allowed Members to raise various issues which would be submitted to KCC for actioning:


            Speeding on Rochester Road (Cllr Leslie Hills)


Cllr Hills raised concerns regarding speeding on Rochester Road, which had been raised at a previous Gravesham JTB meeting. Cllr Hills asked that the board be updated with the progress that had been made to limit the speeding. As ward Councillor for Chalk, Cllr Hills expressed that he had personally witnessed the speeding vehicles along Rochester Road.


County Councillor Conrad Broadly informed the Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) similar concerns had been raised in regard to Singlewell Road.


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) advised that they were looking at putting a 20mph speed limit on Shorne Road, and extend this out to Rochester Road. County Cllr Conrad Broadley noted that Rochester Road was not a road that warranted a 20mph speed restriction, but agreed that drivers would not be able come off Shorne Road at 20mph and enter Rochester Road at 50mph. As such they would need to look at reducing the speed limit. The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) informed Members that scheme plans had been put together and he would contact the relevant team on the progress and report back to the board.


            Potholes (Cllr Tony Rana)  


Cllr Tony Rana made reference to the zebra crossing requested on White Hill Road, which had been covered under Matters Arising. The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) confirmed that he would speak to the Improvements Team and provide the board with an update.


Cllr Nirmal Khabra raised concerns with the number of potholes within the Borough, especially in Kings Farm. Residents were finding it hard to avoid them and it was posing a risk to the cars on the road.


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) explained that they had been overwhelmed with the number of potholes and estimated that they were working to fill 500-600 potholes across the Borough. They had a pothole contactor who was filling them in, as well as the Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) and his team. However, the recent weather conditions had impacted their ability to fill in potholes.


Cllr Rana raised that a resident on White Hill Road had expressed deep concern regarding a damaged speedbump that was causing her distress as she had a young child, and this was causing a lot of noise disruption throughout the night. Cllr Rana asked whether this could be repaired alongside the works being done to fill potholes along White Hill Road on Monday 10 March 2023. The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) advised that his manager had spoken to him about this issue and confirmed that the speedbump was being replaced.


If Members were aware of any large potholes, they were encouraged to report this to the Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC).


            Issues Crossing Valley Drive (County Cllr Conrad Broadley on behalf of        Cllr Sarah Gow)


Cllr Sarah Gow had asked County Cllr Conrad Broadley to raise concerns residents were having crossing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 40.