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Apologies of absence were received were Cllr Tan Dhesi (KCC), Cllr Peter Scollard and Cllr Leslie Hills.



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The Minutes of the meeting held on 13 September 2017 were signed by the Chair.



Declarations of Interests


No declarations of interest were made.   



To consider whether any items in Part A of the agenda should be considered in private or those (if any) in Part B in public




Gravesham Highways Works Programme pdf icon PDF 147 KB


The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) presented a report to the Board updating Members on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2017/18.


The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) directed Members attention to the improvement scheme on page nine and ten of the report;


  • All Machine Resurfacing works have been completed in the listed roads 


  • Footway Improvement – Lower Road and Albion Road works have been pushed back to commence on the 08 January 2018


  • Micro Surfacing – The following roads will all be programmed to take place in March 2018:


-       Prospect Place

-       The Street

-       Jeskins Road

-       Singlewell Road

-       Gywnn Road 


The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) also informed the Board that phase one of the Street Lighting Led Switchover had been completed with phase two on major roads well underway; phase three for ornate lanterns is due to start next year.


Cllr Theobald raised an issue in his Shorne Parish of a cantilever arm needing to be replaced; the District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) asked that it be reported through KCC at which point it can be looked to be replaced.


After a question was raised regarding the completion of Garrick Street and Rathmore Road, Cllr Wallace stated that she had been contacted by KCC who advised that the works were supposed to be completed by the 08 December.


The Board raised concern with the increasing traffic cutting through Stone Street due to the amount of traffic lights that have been installed and asked that a stop line be put it; the District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) asked that the problem and request be emailed to him for further inspection.


The Board noted the information contained within the report.



Local Winter Service Plan pdf icon PDF 59 KB


The Board were presented with a report outlining the arrangements that have been made between Kent County Council and Gravesham Borough Council to provide a local winter service in the event of an operational snow alert in the borough/district.


The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) advised that he had a copy of the plan with him if any Members wished to see it after the meeting but informed Members that the plan was the same as previous years.


The Project Operations Manager (KCC) explained to Members that all salt bags in the area have been filled up in preparation a cold winter and jumbo one tonne bags have been offered to Parish Councils which will last them though winter and can still be ordered.


With regard to bags being given to individual wards, it would be possible but only the smaller 25kg bags as long as they can be stored somewhere where they won’t get wet.


The Board noted the information contained within the report.



Petition to reduce the speed limit on Valley Drive due to the concerns of local people - Request from KCC Cllr Diane Marsh pdf icon PDF 915 KB


The Board received a petition that was requested and presented by KCC Cllr Diane Marsh which had been signed by 85 residents. It was an attempt to reduce the speed limit on Valley Drive at the junction of Dobson Road from 40mph to 30mph due to the concerns of local people for the safety of people crossing, elderly residents and nearby school children. 


KCC Cllr Marsh gave an impassioned address to the Board in which she pleaded for the safety of her residents to be considered and for the Board to endorse sending a response back to KCC for a reduction in speed along the designated road.  KCC Cllr Marsh also mentioned that she was disappointed to learn that one of her residents had contacted KCC Cllr Matthew Balfour who rejected her calls for traffic calming measures in Valley Drive as there was no evidence of them being required.


The Schemes Project Manager (KCC) advised that KCC would stand by the response that KCC Cllr Matthew Balfour had given as money cannot be funnelled into projects where there isn’t proof of problems evidenced through crash data. However he advised that funding from external parties such as KCC Cllr Marsh’s member grant could be directed into traffic calming measures such as interactive speed signs and speed surveys; that is the only current way measures can be taken forward.


Following a debate the Board concluded that the speed limit could be reduced to 30mph, a risk assessment should have been carried out for the road and interactive speed signs would be very beneficial to make drivers aware of the speed they are going. The Board also acknowledged that it wasn’t in the remit of the Police and although they seemed willing to place restrictions for safety there were no resources to be able to enforce any of them.


Resolved that the Board recommend to KCC that a speed restriction be put in place on Valley Drive at the junction of Dobson close from 40mhp to 30mph and work be undertaken with KCC Cllr Diane Marsh to place other traffic calming measures such as interactive speed signs through combined Member grants.


Petition to Alter the Existing Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Time Restrictions For St James's Avenue, Lennox Avenue and Norman's Close - Request from Cllr Jenny Wallace pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Board received a petition that was requested and presented by Cllr Jenny Wallace which had been signed by 61 residents. The petition was conceived to alter the existing CPZ time restrictions in place for St James Avenue, Norman Close and Lennox Avenue as officer workers mainly from Joynes House are parking their cars there all day leaving no room for residents to park their own cars. The current time restrictions allow the workers to come out and move their cars at lunch and just park them back at the end of the time period; a new time restriction is needed of a longer interval or two separate intervals to deter people leaving their cars there.


The Parking Manager agreed with the points raised by Cllr Wallace as his own enforcement officers have reported seeing people eating lunches in cars and driving them around the block when they have arrived. Due to the current CPZ there isn’t a lot enforcement can do as they circumnavigate it but a review is currently underway of town centre CPZ’s and the parking order which gives legal powers to Parking to enforce is being consolidated.  However the review has taken up the years budgets and moving forward nothing will be able to be change until the next financial year at which point residents can be consulted to see what change the desire and different forms of restrictions can be investigated.


Cllr Caller expressed his support for amending the restrictions to help the residents but warned the Board pay heed to the shoppers that only want to stay for short term parking to just pop to shops; longer restriction times could deter shoppers and impact upon the shops in the area.


The Board noted the petition and were encouraged by the Parking Managers positive response for the next financial year. 



Trosley Park/Waterlow Parking Restrictions - Request from Vigo Parish Council pdf icon PDF 6 MB


The Board received a request presented by Parish Cllr Pat Banks, the Chair of Vigo Parish Council to implement parking restrictions on the Waterlow Road bend outside of Trosley Country Park as ever since the parking fees were increased in the Trosley Park car park more cars have bene parking there. The cars, as seen in the photos park all over the bend and adjacent side roads which is very dangerous for other cars and buses who are trying to traverse it.


Parish Cllr Pat Banks realised that removal of the car park charges would be disregarded so asked that double yellow lines be implemented on the bend in an attempt to deter drivers from parking there.


The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) advised he looked at the accident record and there was no evidence there for increased parking measures and also if there were any GBC did not have the resources to enforce them. Dialogue between the Country Park and the Parish should be opened to discuss costs.


The Chair raised the point that the Country Park should be made aware that the Board has expressed their feelings on the matter and it would also be beneficial to be able to look at the rental income from the park to see if they are any better off since they increased the fares.


KCC Cllr Bryan Sweetland expressed his frustration as the Gravesham Joint Transportation Board being an advisory body of which regularly send their advice to Kent County Council and are inevitably ignored or told that there is nothing to be done.


Cllr Colin Caller proffered the revolutionary idea that KCC should pass over a certain percentage of their highways funds over to the Joint Transportation Board for the Board to prioritise and spend on local works that are considered important. It would help get things changed in the Borough as well as take any responsibility off of KCC as the responsibility would lie with GBC to enact the changes that were required.


The Board agreed with that sentiment and the Chair proposed that Cllr Colin Caller and KCC Cllr Bryan Sweetland work together to come up with a statement, for funds beings transferred over to the power of JTB to bring to the next meeting of JTB in March 2018 for Board approval, to be submitted to KCC.