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An apology of absence was received from Cllr Bryan Sweetland (KCC), Cllr Diane Marsh (KCC), Cllr Tan Dhesi (KCC) and Earl Bourner, The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC).



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The Minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2018 were signed by the Chair.



Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made.   



Order of the Agenda


The Chair stated that item 6 - ‘To consider the original JTB Legal Agreement between KCC and GBC with the view to amending it to include some guidance/protocol for petitions coming to the Board. The Board can agree to adopt GBC's procedural rules with regards to petitions or review the agreement (this item was requested at the previous meeting of the Board - minute 73)’ would be taken last on the agenda.



Gravesham Highway Works Programme June 2018 pdf icon PDF 137 KB


The Highways Manager (KCC) presented a report to the Board updating Members on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2018/19. 


The Highways Manager (KCC) advised that it is a standard report with all necessary works for the following year and invited Members to ask any questions they may have.


The following points were raised by Members:


  • They expressed concern over appendix B of the report; drainage, especially on the cross roads between Lennox and Pelham Road and by the garage on Perry Street as they were areas that had previously flooded


  • Cross hatching outside of the Civic Centre towards Stone Street and the train station – At the moment the cross hatching is still in place which directs cars into the left lane and only allows them to switch lanes at the last second; both lanes can be used so it should be removed to stop accidents where drivers are pulling out at the last second


  • Wayfaring Signs in the Town Centre – A number of signs are incorrectly placed within the Town Centre such as a sign for the Gurdwara is directed the opposite way and another says one minute to Fort Gardens when it is directly outside it etc. A no entry sign also needs to be placed on Stone Street southbound so that motorists know they cannot turn right down the road towards the trains station


  • Traffic light system at Rathmore Road – The lights system in  place is flawed and causes severe delays for motorists as well as the problem of cars using the bus gate at Barrack Row driving through the bus lane without any consequences


The Highways Manager (KCC) and the Project Operations Manager (KCC) advised the following in response to the concerns raised:


·         The drainage problems in the affected areas were reported and were put onto a programme to be completed but due to the recent severe flooding’s all non-emergency work has been put on hold so that the flooding areas can be cleared and fixed. The full week recovery period came into effect yesterday so there will be a delay until the drainage works programme is seen too; the works can be included on the programme for the next report to the Committee 


·         The Project Operations Manager (KCC) and Earl Bourner had already spoken about the cross hatchings outside the Civic Centre and it was looked into; there are visibility issues from the encroaching vegetation on the Civic side and a safety audit still needs to be completed. Before any action is taken a full safety audit review will take place to deem if it is safe tor remove the cross hatchings; it will be arranged, carried out and reported at the next meeting


·         The problems with the wayfaring signs would be taken back to KCC and reviewed


·         The Rathmore Road Scheme is currently in its third phase and when it commences phase four a bus hub will be installed in Barrack Row, the two properties on the stretch will be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 81.


Update on the Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone Review pdf icon PDF 121 KB


The Parking Services Manager (GBC) updated Members of the Board on the outcome of the Town Centre controlled parking zone review The Parking Services Manager (GBC) highlighted the following points:


  • The review started in January 2018 with letters and surveys being sent out to all the residents that live in the controlled parking zones as well as the residents who had indicated they wanted their roads included in the zones; it finished in mid February 2018
  • The Parking Consultant, Buchanan, has been working since the end of the review and the responses from residents have been analysed to gauge the majority view from each area for what they want to happen. A letter of recommendations based on those responses has been sent out to all of the properties in the zone areas; they are listed in the report (page 33-35) and also on display in the exhibition centre
  • Before the formal consultation begins, the residents were given an informal consultation which GBC aren’t required to do, that in essence asked the residents if they were happy with the changes that had been proposed. The feedback received from the informal consultation will be taken into consideration prior to the  formal consultation
  • A few areas actually opted to leave the scheme altogether such as Parrock Avenue area and the nearby roads outside of the Gurdwara; a full list of roads to be  removed from the CPZ can be seen on page 35 of the report
  • Under the recommendations that have been proposed, if a property is in a Town Centre controlled parking zone, then every resident in each property who owns and drives a vehicle is entitled to a parking permit however each property only receives one visitor permit
  • The previous controlled parking zones have been in place for the last eight years and the aim was to get every resident on board with the proposed changes before the formal consultation; if the surveys showed an area wanted to be withdrawn from the CPZ scheme but the feedback from the informal consultation is the opposite and  the area wants to still be included in a  CPZ we can address this with the formal consultation.


Following Members questions about the controlled parking zones, the Parking Services Manager (GBC) advised that:


  • Zone 10 advised that they have problems with commuters parking on their roads during the day which is why a PPA is going to be introduced Mon-Sat 8am-6:30pm
  • Chevron parking would not be beneficial to the roads along Cecil Road, Salisbury Road and Northcote Road even if one way systems were implemented along them but it could still be raised with KCC
  • A Member raised concern about a garage business in Northfleet that parks its cars on the road; the vehicles can only be fined or taken action against if they are parked on a parking restriction such as double yellow lines or if they are parked in a CPZ without a permit. If the vehicles are taxed and parked legally then nothing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 82.


Discussion - Speeding Vehicles Exiting from Dering Way on Lion Garage Roundabout


A discussion was had on an issue brought to the Board by Cllr Leslie Hills; vehicles exiting at high speed from Dering Way on the Lion Garage Roundabout.


Cllr Leslie Hills outlined the following key points in the discussion:


  • It was previously discussed at the last meeting of Gravesham JTB and a site visit was arranged with himself, another resident and a Kent Highways Officer who agreed that there was a problem with visibility. The Kent Highways Officer advised that the vegetation on the corner of Dering Way leading into Lower Higham Road would be removed
  • The recent development announced at Lion Garage Roundabout will only increase the size of island at Dering Way and the cycle path but still no measures taken to reduce the speed of vehicles exiting Dering Way 
  • Cllr Hills thought that speed humps or a traffic light system would fix the problem as it would force the drivers to slow down


In response to Cllr Hills points regarding the vehicle exiting speed on Dering Way the Board had a discussion and the following was agreed:


·         Speed bumps would cost too much money and the traffic lights system would cause the roundabout to become even more heavily congested that it already is in peak times. There is also an ambulance resting spot at the bottom of Dering Way which those sort of speed restrictions would inhibit

·         KCC to be asked to install an interactive sign which tells drivers when they are speeding over the 30mph limit as well as following up on the vegetation being removed 


The Highways Manager (KCC) advised that the interactive signs worked best when they were turned off and turned back on at peak times so that drivers did not get used to them but she would take the points back to KCC for reviewing.



To consider the original JTB Legal Agreement between KCC and GBC with the view to amending it to include some guidance/protocol for petitions coming to the Board. The Board can agree to adopt GBC's procedural rules with regards to petitions or review the agreement (this item was requested at the previous meeting of the Board - minute 73). pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Chair gave a statement regarding the petition agreement between KCC and GBC stating that the KCC petition scheme requires 1000 signatories before it can be taken to the Committee whereas GBC’s rules require only 25 which works well as Parishes can put forward their own petitions. The current system enables the Committee Section to receive all petitions and forward them on to the Chair of the Committee who can then allow it to be included on the agenda for Gravesham JTB.


The agreement has been through the legal teams at Gravesham Borough Council, Medway Council and Kent County Council and all agreed that the recommendation is for the Board not to adopt the GBC petition scheme but to formally note that it may consider any petitions referred to it by GBC or KCC (subject to their relevant petitions schemes) in line with the relevant GBC procedural rules.


The Board agreed to the recommendation put forward by the Legal Teams.