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Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Alan Ridgers (Chair), Cllr Diane Morton and Cllr Bryan Sweetland.


To sign the minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 123 KB


The minutes of the meeting of the Board held on Wednesday, 2 December 2020 were signed by the Chair.


To declare any interests members may have in the items contained on this agenda. When declaring an interest members should state what their interest is.


Cllr Nirmal Khabra declared an other interest as he was a local taxi driver in the Borough of Gravesham.


Matters Arising from Previous Meetings pdf icon PDF 102 KB


Minute 165.1 - Speed Limits and Traffic Calming in The Ridgeway, Shorne - Request by Cllr Bob Lane

Cllr Bob Lane advised that he would like it recorded that the response to the FOI request referred to at the previous meeting and in the minutes was not in fact sent until 8 days after the meeting.  The information requested related to the reasons and decisions to introduce 30mph limits in Halfpence Lane Cobham and Wrotham Road Meopham, but KCC was unable to provide the information requested.

Minute 165.2 - Petition – Hamerton Road and Station Road – Request by Cllr Lauren Sullivan

Cllr Sullivan stated that it was unfortunate that funding had not been received for the “Dragons Den” style meeting which was confirmed by the Schemes project Manager (KCC). Cllr Sullivan requested that the officer continue to pursue future funding options to enable this scheme to be progressed.

Minute 150 – Highways Works Programme 2019/20 onwards

Bus Hub at Garrick Street

Following a question on an update with regard to taxies, the Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager advised that the formal consultation had to be undertaken and the results of the consultation would be used to formulate how the Bus Hub progressed. The outcome of the consultation would be the subject of a report to a future meeting of the Board.

Minute 159. - Gravesham Highways Forward Works Programme 2019/20 onwards

Church Path/South Kent Avenue Lights

The District Manager (Gravesham)(KCC) advised that the power box on South Kent Avenue had been made safe.  With regard to the feeder post damage, parts had been ordered and their arrival was now imminent.


Reports from Officers


Bath Street - Fastrack Infrastructure Scheme pdf icon PDF 503 KB


A report was presented the report to the Board which introduced the Bath Street Improvement scheme. The scheme was part of the wider Fastrack programme across Dartford, Ebbsfleet and Gravesham and it was intended that the Board would be kept up to date as the project progressed. It was noted that general Fastrack items and other projects would continue to be reported separately, either as reports or verbally.

It was noted that the Bath Street scheme would provide a key bus link between the Northfleet Embankment East development and Gravesend Town Centre in the form of a contraflow bus lane. The new link would reduce journey times for passengers by up to four minutes and provide a short walk to access Fastrack for occupants and workers at the Northfleet Embankment East, Clifton Slipways and The Charter developments.

Following a question on whether the Red Route would be removed, the District Manager (Gravesham)(KCC) advised that the Red Route might be removed and could be replaced by one Fastrack. However, the officer undertook to check that this information was correct when he met with Graham Killick next week. The Chair requested that Graham Killick be invited to attend an appropriate future meeting of the Board.

Resolved that the report be noted.


Highway Forward Works Programme - 2019/20 onwards pdf icon PDF 162 KB


Members were provided with a report that gave an update on identified schemes approved for construction.  The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) provided Members with an end of financial year update and reported that the Forward Plan should be published in the following week.

The following points were raised during discussion on this item:

·         Chalk Road from Vicarage Lane to Rochester Road – surface treatments  postponed due to utility works. The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) advised that following the gas works, the carriageway would receive a micro surface dressing and this would be done on 1 and 2 July 2021.

·         The District Manager – Gravesham (KCC) undertook to follow up on Priest Walk.

·         The flooding issue outside the school on Factory Road was highlighted. The District Manager (Gravesham)(KCC) had been in conversation with the Chair and the development was going well. However, the flooding issue would not be dealt with until later and KCC was working to improve matters in the meantime. It was noted that talks with Bellway had broken down. The Chair asked that Councillors contact Bellway with regard to this matter.

·         An update was requested on the street light column replacement half lamp post in London Road St Marks and the District Manager (Gravesham)(KCC) agreed to look into this matter.

·         KCC had been in correspondence with the owners with regard to flooding outside the garage on Perry Street and a cleansing crew had been sent in. However, problems had been identified and KCC had had to block the access to the garage causing the situation to become heated. KCC was currently looking for a resolution to this issue.

Resolved the report be noted.


Issues raised by Councillors with the approval of the Chair pdf icon PDF 853 KB



(a)          Presentation on Whitehill and Sun Lane Traffic Issues – Cllr Tony Rana

The Chair advised that he had received a request from Cllr Tony Rana make a presentation of traffic issues on the Whitehill and Sun Lane areas. The presentation had been published as a supplementary agenda item for the Board’s information.

Cllr Rana went through his presentation for the benefit of those present which can be found at

The Schemes Project Manager (KCC) thanked Cllr Rana for his presentation and reported that at ATC had been requested on these routes (including Sun Hill) which would take place in the next three months and the results would include any speeding issues, capacity etc. She explained that an ATC was a traffic count over the period of a week which also counted different categories of vehicle i.e. car, van, bus, lorry etc. It was agreed that the results of the ATC be shared with Cllr Rana. It was noted that the officer had previously discussed this matter with Cllr Ridgers and Cllr Morton.

Cllr Rana was invited to a site meeting with the District Manager (KCC) and the Schemes Project Manager (KCC) and it was suggested the site visit take place at peak usage times such as the rush hour and school drop off/pick up. The Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager offered to attend the site meeting in his parking and enforcement role.

The Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager also noted that he managed patrols to check on parking issues around local school and undertook to check with regard to Whitehill School and would send any appropriate information to Cllr Rana.

It was noted that the one way system suggested by residents was a possibility but there were other options.

Following a suggestion by Cllr Rana about alterations to the bus route, the Schemes Project Manager (KCC) undertook to contact Arriva to discuss.

The Schemes Project Manager (KCC) noted that the presentation had mentioned the existence of video recordings of speeding incidents and Cllr Rana offered to speak with the resident with a view to KCC officers having sight of these.

The District Manager (KCC) supported the holistic approach as suggested in the presentation and noted that off-street parking in this area needed planning permission to be sought from the Borough Council. However, he undertook to take this forward together with potential improvements in on-street parking arrangements and would submit a report containing options to a future meeting of the Board.

The Chair welcomed Cllr John Burden to the meeting. Cllr Burden advised that he had experienced some technical difficulties but had viewed the start of the meeting via YouTube.

(b)          Issues regarding Lower Higham Road, Chalk Road, Havisham Road and Orlick Road – Cllr Leslie Hills

Cllr Leslie Hills reported  that he had been asking for a ‘Keep Clear” road marking outside 134 Lower Higham Road for some time and also, for parking restrictions on junctions at Chalk Road/Havisham Road and Orlick Road/Lower Higham Road. He  ...  view the full minutes text for item 174.


Any Other Business which by reason of special circumstances the Chair is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency.


The Chair advised that an email had been received from a representative of the Dartford and Gravesham Cycling Forum (D&GCF) about improving walking and cycling facilities and infrastructure in the borough of Gravesham and the Prime Minister’s initiative launched last year entitled “Gear Change, A bold vision for Cycling and Walking”. The Forum would be happy to engage with the Joint Transportation Board or other parts of the Council going forward, particularly in the formulation of a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan should this be necessary. The Chair suggested that a representative of the Dartford and Gravesham Cycling Forum be invited to the next meeting of the Gravesham Joint Transportation Board and an item placed on the agenda to this end.

The Committee Services Officer undertook to email the information to appropriate officers.


Cllr Alan Ridgers


The Chair advised that the Chair of the Board, Cllr Alan Ridgers, had tendered his apologies for absence because his wife, Mary, had sadly passed away recently. The Chair sent the Board’s sympathy and condolences on the loss of Mary to Cllr Ridgers and his family.