Agenda item

Annual Governance Statement 2014/15

Please note there are four Supplementary packs that contain evidence for AGS 2014-15.


The Assistant Director (Corporate Performance) explained to the Committee that the Annual Governance Statement is what falls outside of the annual review of the Authority’s Governance arrangements, and checks that policy and procedures are being followed.  


The Assistant Director (Corporate Performance) advised the Committee of the four Supplementary Packs published in accordance with this agenda item.


The Assistant Director (Corporate Performance) highlighted that:


·         Appendix 3 – Looks at the process for the Statement ensuring everything conforms to the Corporate Objectives, and the steps followed to arrive at the recommended actions.

·         The table at the back of the Annual Governance Statement (P76 of the agenda) details any control issues identified for rectification; the most significant being number 5 which is making sure the right policies and procedures are in place.

·         The Chair would have to sign two copies of the Statement following acceptance by the Committee.


One Member explained he was happy to support the Statement but questioned how the Corporate Governance Control would work should there be a failure to follow policy or legislation; taking the problem to the Monitoring Officer, Chief Executive or Grant Thornton.


The Assistant Director (Corporate Performance) advised that is the correct process.


Members approved the Annual Governance Statement for the 2014-15 financial year.  


Supporting documents: