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Corporate Performance Update - Quarter Three 2018-19

To present Members of the Environmental Services Committee with an update against the Performance Management Framework, as set out within the council’s Corporate Plan 2015-19, for Quarter Three 2018-19 (October to December 2018).


Members were presented with an update against the Performance Management Framework as set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan 2015-19, for quarter 3 2018/19.

The Committee considered each page in turn and the following was highlighted:


·           Members’ attention was drawn to the fact that less than 2% of Gravesham’s waste was being sent to landfill and this also applied to Kent as a whole. The rest of the waste was either recycled or incinerated to generate energy from waste.


·           The Committee was advised that a digital system was being introduced which would include an in-cab unit on refuse freighters which would allow operatives to record problems such as bins not being put out in time for collection or problems with contamination as and when they arose. The new system would also allow residents to search their address on the Gravesham website which would then inform them of their next collection day for example, at Christmas and New Year.


·           The issue of contaminated of bins was raised and how the operatives check for this. The Committee was advised that a quick check for contamination was undertaken when the bin collected before it was emptied into the collection vehicle. Educational stickers were also applied to bins found to be contaminated. Where the reports highlighted a repeat offender, then an officer makes a visit to the household in question.


·           A request was made that officers check that Checkatrade insisted on a valid waste carrier licence before companies could advertise on the site. The Assistant Director (Environment) agreed to look into this.

Post meeting note from the Assistant Director (Environment) - Check-a-Trade was contacted in March 2018 about this matter and they confirmed that as part of their vetting checks, they ask for a Waste Carriers Licence to be provided which was then verified upon expiry to make sure the Licence had been renewed.

·           The possible increase of disposal fees at Pepperhill Household Waste Recycling Centre on 1 April 2019 was raised and whether officers intended to put anything in place to mitigate potential issues that might arise. The Assistant Director (Environment) advised a review of the situation would take place after 12 months had elapsed. Statistics on flytipping and whether it had increased would be considered.   Kent County Council had been asked to undertake a householder education campaign and a meeting with the County Council on this subject would take place in the next few weeks.


·           The impact of areas outside of the County such as neighbouring London Boroughs, Surrey and East Sussex would also have to be taken into account as their fees and charges had already been increased. Members were informed that the Kent Resource Partnership funded an Intelligence Officer at Kent County Council who collected all information on flytipping across the County to put together stronger cases against offenders.


·           A comment was made that commercial illegal flytippers were easier to identify. However it was more difficult to identify household level illegal flytippers. Members were advised of the SCRAP Campaign which sought to educate householders to be wary of people who offered to dispose of waste and to request to see a valid waste carrier licence before allowing their waste to be removed and to ask for a receipt for disposal work undertaken


Community Wardens

·           Following a question of the use of Community Wardens in the town centre, Members were advised that the Community Wardens came about as a result of the Public Place Protection Order and whilst there may be a possibility of an extension to other areas in the Borough, the town centre was the only place where the Order was enforceable.

Housing Repair

·           The Committee requested that congratulations be passed to the Housing Repairs teams for their excellent efforts.

Recycling for flats and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

·           Following a question with regard to research into whether recycling bags could be provided to flats and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), the officer stated that other events had taken precedence such as the extreme weather and the fire at the Pepperhill Household Waste Recycling Centre during 2018. However it was now intended to push on with this initiative.


Waste Collection


·           The Committee was informed that the use of a small waste collection vehicle in narrow roads and lanes of the Borough was being investigated. Officers would be visiting Decorum Borough Council who had implemented this system in an effort to improve the service.


·           It was noted that excellent job had been done regarding the communications to residents and businesses over the Christmas period on recycling and waste collections.

The Committee noted the information provided within the report.


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