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Corporate Performance Update - Quarter Three 2018-19

To present Members of the Housing Committee with an update against the Performance Management Framework, as set out within the council’s Corporate Plan 2015-19, for Quarter Three 2018-19 (October to December 2018).


Members were presented with an update against the Performance Management Framework, as set out within the council’s Corporate Plan 2015-19, for Quarter Three 2018-19 (October to December 2018).


The Assistant Director (Housing) went through the report page by page giving Members a summary overview of each performance measure and performance indicator under each of the six policy commitments (pages 32-37).


The Assistant Director (Housing) fielded questions from the Committee Members as he summarised the Corporate Performance update for Quarter Three:


  • Page 34, PM5 – For residents that want to transfer from one Council house to another, they have a clear incentive to keep the property in good condition. Once a transfer request is received, an officer will inspect their property to make sure everything is in order; if there is anything wrong or modified without the council’s permission, then they will have to fix it themselves or pay the Council to fix it for them before the transfer can occur. The officers have pictures taken of the property before new tenants move in so that they can refer to them as evidence. 
  • Page 35, Policy Commitment 4 – The Assistant Director (Housing) agreed to speak to his colleagues at Brookvale in order to determine why customer satisfaction was not at 100% although it was agreed that that achieving 100% satisfaction rate was unrealistic.
  • The Housing Repair Team agree appointment dates and times with tenants. These has helped reduce number of missed appointments and Saturday appointments are also now offered where possible. These have contributed to an increase in customer satisfaction. Page 36, PI 17d – Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodation is only used as temporary accommodation if it is an emergency and fortunately those cases are very rare. Instead of B&B’s, the Council uses nightly paid accommodation which is admittedly more expensive.
  • Hypothetically, if a resident from Gravesham was sent to another borough for temporary housing and couldn’t live in the property anymore then they would be sent back to Gravesham for rehousing
  • Length of time households could be in temporary accommodation before they secure permanent housing is subject to availability of alternative accommodation, how flexible the applicant is regarding areas / type of accommodation and the type or size of accommodation required. 2 bedroom properties remain the most sought after size of accommodation. If a customer also wants that particular property in a particular ward or road etc then they would have to wait even longer than someone who would accept the first property that becomes available
  • Page 38, PM4 & PI 10 – Members commented that the rollout of Universal Credit has n ceased although there is no indication that those who have already switched over will have the decision reversed. The percentage of Gravesham residents on Universal Credit will be circulated to Committee Members outside of the meeting   


Referencing an earlier point made about customer satisfaction at Brookvale, a Member informed the Committee that Members of the Overview Scrutiny Board were invited to view the new operation at Brookvale. Staff were introduced and Members were given a tour of the building and the work that goes on there; it was very revealing and showed a very hard working, reliable team. The rest of the Committee was encouraged to make an appointment to go and view Brookvale in the same capacity. 


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