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Corporate Plan: 2019-23


The Director (Corporate Services) informed the Cabinet that the Corporate Plan presented the Council’s ambition for the Borough over a four-year period. Alongside a suite of corporate objectives and associated policy commitments, the Corporate Plan will set the tone and guiding principles from which all Council activity will be based over the 2019-23 period.


The Council’s current Corporate Plan ran for the 2015-19 period.  Work had been carried out by officers over the last year to draft and implement a new Corporate Plan reflective of community needs and aspirations, the key ambitions of the elected administration for the Borough over the 2019-23 period and, ultimately, the financial position of the Council.


To commence the project, a 12-week public consultation exercise commenced in November 2018 and over 800 responses were received from Gravesham residents, businesses and community groups providing over 2,500 individual pieces of information and intelligence relating to community requests for Council provision and priority intervention. The exercise also enabled participants the opportunity to rank each of the Council’s key services in terms of their individual level of perceived importance. The information obtained from this process was collated and analysed and acted as a sound baseline throughout the development of the policy commitments in the draft Corporate Plan.


In addition to the public consultation, the new Corporate Plan had been prepared in full consideration of a base of intelligence relating to community needs as detailed in the Council’s Gravesham Community Profile. The comprehensive study included a variety of datasets, including local health data outlining core public health concerns for the resident population and, in addition, the study considered key existing strategies the Council currently had in place, including the Local Plan Core Strategy.


At the heart of the new Corporate Plan, there will be three corporate objectives, each with their own portfolio of activities and initiatives but, importantly, designed to work with and support each other for the benefit of the local community:


·         #1 People: a proud community; where residents can call a safe, clean and attractive Borough their home;

·         #2 Place: a dynamic Borough; defined by a vibrant and productive local economy taking advantage of growth in the area, supported by its strong and active community; and

·         #3 Progress: an entrepreneurial authority; commercial in outlook and committed to continuous service improvement, underpinned by a skilled workforce and strong governance environment.


The Director (Corporate Services) advised that, alongside the development of the new Corporate Plan, a full review was also being undertaken into the existing Performance Management Framework (PMF) to ensure that the Council continued to effectively achieve against its stated objectives and deliver a consistently high quality services for local residents. The PMF will form the basis of corporate performance reporting to Members during the 2019-23 period.


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, the new Corporate Plan will be presented to the next meeting of Full Council on 8 October 2019 for formal adoption. Following formal adoption, the plan will be officially launched.


With regard to the PMF, the Cabinet stressed the importance of qualitative data and that consideration also needed to be given to those measures that the Council had no direct control over e.g. crime statistics.


It was also requested that the new Corporate Plan be proofread prior to formal adoption as typographical errors had been noticed.


The Cabinet thanked the Corporate Performance Team on the work that had been undertaken to date.


Resolved that the draft Corporate Plan 2019-23 (Appendix 2) be endorsed subject to it being proofread and delegated authority be given for any further updates to be made by the Director (Corporate Services) in consultation with the Leader of the Executive, prior to submission to Full Council for formal approval and adoption.

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