Agenda item

Call In - Youth Concordat 2020


Further to minute 19 (Cabinet 29.06.2020) Cabinet made an executive decision (reference 18/C/2020) with regard to the Youth Concordat 2020 which was called in for scrutiny by this Committee.

The Committee was presented with a report which sought Cabinets agreement to renew the Concordat pledge and contact the other representatives identified in the report to ensure they were also committed to the updated concordat.


Cabinet had resolved that: 


·         The Council committed to the renewal of the Youth Concordat pledge and that the other representatives identified in the report be approached to commit to the updated Concordat.


The Director (Communities) introduced the report and advised that the 20th anniversary of the Youth Concordat is this month but many of the planned celebrations had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, a Youth Recognition Award has been created for the event and a ‘Where are they now’ scheme which looks at previous Members of Gravesham Youth Council. Plans will be put in place, in agreement with the Cabinet Member for Community & Leisure, to mark its signing at an appropriate time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Youth Council. When it is suitable, it is the aim of the Council that the planned programme of events will resume.


The Chair thanked the Director (Communities) for the introduction and stated that the reason for calling in the report were not negative; the Chair agreed with the work being undertaken and felt that the signing of the Youth Concordat 2020 was very important.


Member of the Committee asked their questions to Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox and he explained the following:


·         A number of informal conversations between the partnership organisations and the MP have already been initiated but the majority have remained informal due to the limitations caused by the pandemic and officer time being redirected to more urgent areas. The conversations that have already been had were positively received and the notion was clear that the voices of young people needed to be celebrated and supported as much as possible. When operations start to go back to normality, more formal arrangements will be followed up

·         The new Chair of the Youth Council, George Duffort, has re-established the Youth Council and changed their image by using social media and enhancing the relationship between the young people of Gravesham and the Council. The Youth Council will be monitored closely by Cabinet to ensure the youth receive the utmost level of support; Gravesham Youth Council has already accomplished far more than other Youth Councils

·         The Youth Council have a long standing invitation to attend all meetings of Community & Leisure Cabinet Committee and the new Chair of the Youth Council was recently reminded of that invitation. Back in February 2020, the participants in the Local Councillor Shadowing Award were invited to the Community & Leisure Cabinet Committee and gave their insightful views on the agenda items

·         The organisations that were approached were part of the original signatories twenty years ago; that body has evolved over the last twenty years and gone through many changes; Kent Fire & Rescue Service sit on the body and Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox advised that he was happy to approach them about signing the Concordat

·         A constant dialogue is kept open between the Youth Council and local schools to encourage participation in the Youth Council and its activities. Local schools will continue to be worked with in the future and the Youth Council will be advertised at all local schools to ensure that new Members are accepted every year

·         The report did not go through the Community & Leisure Cabinet Committee; it only went through Cabinet as it was considered an important  report that affected all of the Executive and Cabinet allowed all Executive Members to have a full discussion on the report

·         All Councillors are welcome to join the Zoom meetings for Community & Leisure Cabinet Committee and request to talk on an item if they feel that it is important

The Chair thanked Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox for attending the meeting and answering all of the Committees questions.

Resolved that the Overview Scrutiny Committee:

·         Noted the Youth Concordat 2020 report  and the Cabinet decision


·         Requested that Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox contacted the Kent & Fire Rescue Service to join as one of the signatories of the Youth Concordat 2020