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Anti-Social Behaviour Update


The Community Safety Operations Manager presented the Committee with an update on the progress with the Council's Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Strategy: he highlighted key points from the following section within the report: 


·         Prevention and Community Involvement

·         Prevention and Intervention

·         Support Intervention

·         Enforcement

·         Communication and Reassurance


The Chair further explained that the report included figures from Kent Police and it was crucial that accurate data was recorded for each case in order to understand the level of anti-social behaviour and how it could be prevented in the future. Cooperation between Council departments was also very important, as outlined in the Communication and Reassurance part of the report, as working together allowed for a coordinated approach to the issues that Gravesham residents faced from anti-social behaviour.


Cllr Meade echoed the Chairs comment for a coordinated approach being required and further requested that the partnership should also include Councillors so that intelligence could be shared with Councillors about ASB issues in their respective wards.


The Chair advised that data distribution amongst local Councillors was a matter he previously raised with the Kent Police Crime Commissioner as there was a reporting issue on Kent Police statistics which did not allow for separate ward data to be collected.  Kent Police were aware of the issue and they had taken the issue up with the PCC as they needed additional resources.


Cllr Meade advised that he previously lobbied the Police Crime Commissioner on similar points and would continue to do so.


The Community Safety Operations Manager advised that a key aspect would be working in local areas and working closely with the Comms team to push messages out to all the wards in the Borough. The team will also work with Kent Police as their communications team also put messages out via social media. An example of the team working closely with the Police was the section 59 notices issued to people riding bikes dangerously in Woodlands Park as information was shared between the Council and the Police in order to control the issue.


The Chair paid tribute to Chief Inspector Neil Loudon and Inspector Craig West as they were very responsive to the Councils questions and were full of useful information for the team. With regard to the issuing of section 59 notices to the bike users, the Chair appreciated the team work between the two organisations and encouraged further sharing of information as it would make the Strategy stronger.


In response to a question regarding the team’s previous pop up booths and the reinstatement of Community Champion awards, the Community Safety Operations Manager advised that:


·         The Community Safety pop-up shop will be determined by how the Government dealt with Coivd-19 over the coming months; it was something the team wanted to do and the pop up shop was a success last year. It will be something that will be progressed in the future if possible

·         The Community Champion Awards were put on by the Crime Prevention Panel; they used to be located at Bluewater but they aren’t there anymore and due to Covid-29 they haven’t operated for a while. The Community Safety Operations Manager agreed to make contact with them about the awards but if they were unable to then the Council could look at doing something similar


The Committee noted the information contained within the report.


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