Agenda item

Local Policing Update


The Acting Chief Inspector, Craig West provided the Committee with a Local Policing Update that included the following:


·         These have been challenging times; Kent Police have showed resilience and provided a good service with several changes in place such as; community engagement online and chat sessions over Twitter

·         Call demand for service: early lockdown saw significant drops in all calls. Calls are now back up to where they were before lockdown, maybe slightly higher.

·         Recorded levels of acquisitive crime (burglary, robbery etc) have fallen, homes are safer, more people are working from home, and there are less people out on street.

·         There have been drops in shoplifting offences.

·         The have been rises in Domestic Abuse; people are at home together for longer periods, financial worries. Work has been done with ‘hidden victims’ with checks on people’s welfare.

·         Serious violence levels have dropped.

·         Kent Police are working with the Metropolitan  Police, British Transport Police, Spotters (Intelligence Officers)

·         Knife Arches and dog detection are being utilised.

·         There’s been a significant rise in ASB reporting due to Covid breaches (large gatherings and people without face masks) being recorded as ASB.

·         Community Policing Team: have an operation dealing with nuisance use of vehicles / antisocial off-road riding.  Several warning notices have been issued, vehicles seized, this will continue throughout the year.

·         Human Trafficking:  there is an operation coming up regarding sex workers, local brothels and supporting victims.

·         Community Protection Notices: Antisocial Alcohol, Begging etc

·         Criminal Behaviour Orders and closure orders for premises

·         First charge and conviction for a Covid breach resulted in a £400 fine

·         PC Wood has joined the Town Centre Policing team in Gravesend.

·         Target Organised Crime Group in Gravesend - arrested 5 members last week, seized several vehicles, this is an ongoing investigation

·         Kent Police are rising to the challenge and thank all partners who have been involved and provided support including the CSU and local Councillors.


Acting Chief Inspector, Craig West confirmed that he has received a promotion to Chief Inspector and will be moved from the Gravesham area. The new Chief Inspector will start in November and there will be a comprehensive handover. Acting Chief Inspector, Craig West

thanked officers and Councillors for their support and stated that he had enjoyed working with everyone.


Acting Chief Inspector, Craig West fielded questions from the Committee and highlighted the following:


·         The Police regularly liaise with the management at the Gravesend branch of McDonalds and the GBC licensing team. The hours of working shifts for the Police will be extended to cover the early part of the evening.

·         Electric Scooters are on the Police’s radar.  A decision being is being made centrally as to what approach the Police will take.

·         Analysts look at Police data and attempt to weed out what is ASB and what is a Covid breach.

·         Police Body Cameras are working really well. The technology / equipment has been upgraded and is now a lot quicker to download. The equipment is being used in court and to record crime scenes.


The Committee and Officers congratulated Acting Chief Inspector, Craig West and Chief Inspector Neil Loudon for their promotions.


The Committee thanked Acting Chief Inspector, Craig West for the Local Policing Update.