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Gravesham CSP and the de-merger of the Dartford and Gravesham CSP


The Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit) informed the Committee of a proposal that was put forward by Gravesham Borough Council for the de-merger of the joint Dartford and Gravesham Community Safety Partnership (CSP) last year and which was subsequently agreed, in pursuance of Gravesham’s wish to establish a dedicated District–level CSP.


A delegated decision taken by the Cabinet Lead Member, Councillor Shane Mochrie-Cox, countersigned by the Leader of the Council, for the withdrawal of Gravesham from the joint CSP was taken and published in October in order that a new Partnership could be established without delay. Reports detailing the new arrangements have been previously provided to both the Council’s Cabinet and the Community and Leisure Cabinet Committee.


The Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit) highlighted the following:


·         The first meeting of Gravesham CSP took place last week. The Terms of Reference were approved at that meeting.

·         The structure of the CSP was also reviewed; the CSP already has some successful working groups (e.g. Vulnerability Panel, ASB Strategy Delivery Group etc.) but a few new ones have been created (e.g. Youth Engagement Panel, Modern Slavery Working Group)

·         An Area Based Action Group is also being established to focus on hotspots; the first meeting will take place in early February and consider Environmental Crime in the Riverside area.

·         The post for Community Safety Project Coordinator has been advertised and the successful candidate will coordinate the delivery of the Area Based Action Group’s work.

·         The Gravesham CSP will still work with Dartford and maintain the positive relationship that has been established.

·         Next Steps: A Strategic Assessment (audit of crime & disorder) has been completed. One of the benefits of having our own CSP is that for the first time we can look at Ward data and more localised issues now.Patterns of change because of Covid-19 have been included in this year’s Assessment The document is restricted but if Councillors would like information about their Ward, please contact The Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit).

·         Public consultation on the Community Safety Strategy. The survey will be online but it will be shared with as many agency and community groups as possible.

·         Following the consultation; a new Community Safety Strategy will be produced and presented to the Crime & Disorder Committee, CSP and the Community & Leisure Cabinet Committee in March


The Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit) fielded questions from the Committee and highlighted the following:


·         Paper copies of the survey will be available to people. The Council is considering contacting a local newspaper to advertise the survey and highlight that they can contact the Council by telephone and request a paper copy.

·         The CSU will do their best to make sure everyone who wants to take part in the survey can but the unit would not be able to cope staff-wise to provide a telephone survey option. The Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit) explained that she would speak to the Service Manager, Town Centre & Cultural Services  and see if there is scope to deliver that within the Customer Services Team

·         Councillors are welcome to advise the Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit) about anyone they know who would like to complete the survey but would find it challenging to complete online.

·         The survey responses will be monitored to ensure there is a good representation from across the Borough (including the disabled community). The Strategic Manager (Community Safety Unit) will speak to the Communications team regarding how to reach across the board.

·         The CSU would be happy to conduct the survey annually as the strategy will be reviewed annually too.


Cllr Aaron Elliott suggested that the Community Safety Strategy should look at anti-social behaviour linked to dirt bikes, motorbikes and e-scooters.



The Committee commended the good work on this matter and noted the content of the report and the Terms of Reference of the new Gravesham CSP.


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