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Consideration of interim steps following an application for summary review of a premises licence for The Kings Head, King Street, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2EB


The Licensing Panel were asked to consider a representation to the interim steps imposed, following an application for an expedited review of Premises Licence, granted under the Licensing Act 2003, in respect of the premises known as The King’s Head, King Street, Gravesend, DA12 2EB.


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and went through the process he intended to follow.  He explained that once everyone had made their submissions and all questions had been answered, the hearing would close to all parties except for the Panel and the Committee Services Officer (for minutes writing purposes only) for the panel to consider their decision.

Due to unavoidable reasons, there was not a legal officer in attendance at the hearing.  However the Assistant Director Legal & Governance was on the other end of the telephone.


The Senior Licensing Officer addressed the panel advising that on 13 October 2021 the council received an application from Kent Police for an expedited review of the premises licence in respect of Kings Head, King Street, Gravesend as they considered it necessary to take interim steps pending determination of the review of the premises licence.  


A hearing was held on 15 October 2021, where the Licensing Panel reviewed the papers submitted by Kent Police and their supporting evidence.  The panel made the decision to suspend the premises licence with immediate effect. 


A representation was received on 22 October 2021, from the premises licence holder, Mr Ismail Sucu and his lawyer Mr Jon Payne and further CCTV evidence was submitted.


The Chair invited the Licence Holder and representatives to give their account of the incident.    Mr James Rankin, the Licence Holder’s Barrister thanked the panel for reconvening this meeting so quickly. 


The CCTV was played which showed the incident that happened at approximately 2.58am on Saturday 2 October 2021.  The Police received a report of an alleged assault that had occurred outside the Kings Head Sports Bar.  CCTV confirmed that a violent disturbance had occurred directly outside the premises and involved customers from the venue.  


Further CCTV from a previous incident was also shown provided by the Licence Holder.


Questions were asked of the Barrister, licence holder and his representative by Kent Police and the panel.


The Chair invited the Kent Police Licensing Officers to give their account of the incident. 


Questions were asked of the Kent Police officers, by the Barrister and the panel.




The Chair advised that, in coming to their decision, the Panel considered all the evidence presented by the Police report, the CCTV evidence and all the evidence given. Therefore, the Licence holder has failed to up hold three of the Licensing objectives namely the prevention of crime and disorder, the protection of public safety and the prevention of public nuisance. 


Having considered all those matters and advice given, the Panel have decided to reinstate the licence immediately with restricted conditions of:-


The licensable activities will stop at 11.30pm with the premises closed by midnight until we hear a full review Hearing.


A new DPS must be appointed and the application to be received by the Licensing Authority within 3 working days from the date of this hearing.


We remind you that all door staff to be SIA registered. 


Supporting documents: