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Development of the Corporate Risk Register 2022-2023


The Cabinet was informed that the Risk Management Strategy set out the approach that had been adopted by the Council for identifying, evaluating, managing and recording risks to which it is exposed. A review of the strategy is carried out annually and, where necessary, presented to the Cabinet for approval if it is subject to any updates and amendments.


The Director (Corporate Services) advised that no material updates or amendments to the Strategy were necessary.


In preparing the draft Corporate Risk Register for 2022-23, Management Team, Senior Officers and Members were requested to provide details of existing risks that continue to score high and should be carried forward to the 2022- 2023 register and to provide details of any new risks that should be considered for assessment and inclusion. The risks identified were as follows:-


Existing risks

1. Ongoing financial viability of the council

2. Changes in national priorities and legislation

3. Organisational capacity/resilience

4. Cyberattack resulting in data breach or corruption of data

5. Investment Risk


New risks

1. Universal Credit

2. IT infrastructure is not updated to meet the needs of the organisation

3. Adoption and delivery of sound Local Plan


The risks that generated a “high” residual risk score and were above the Council’s strategic risk tolerance level had been included in the 2022-2023 register. These risks were:-


1. On-going financial viability of the council.

2. Changes in national priorities and legislation.

3. Organisational Capacity reliance.

4. Cyberattack resulting in data breach or corruption of data.

5. Investment Risk.

6. Adoption and delivery of sound Local Plan.


The Director (Corporate Services) advised that the draft register had been considered by the Finance and Audit Committee on 7 March 2022. Progress made against the actions in relation to each risk recorded in the register will be monitored quarterly by the Risk Management Working Group and progress information will be presented via a half yearly report to the Finance & Audit Committee.


In relation to risk 2 (Changes in national priorities and legislative change), it was requested that the risk also refers to local changes as local changes can have a significant impact on the Council and its priorities, budgets etc.


The Leader highlighted that the Local Plan had been included in the register (risk 8). The Council was required to have an up to date Local Plan in place by the end of 2023 or face government sanction/intervention that could result in the Council losing its control to protect the Borough from inappropriate or poor quality development.


In relation to risk 8, it was requested that the ‘Cabinet Portfolio’ section be updated to state the relevant Portfolio instead of an individual name.


The Chief Executive informed the Cabinet that he had attended the District Councils’ Network conference which was also attended by the Minister for Housing. The Chief Executive provided Members with an update on the areas that were discussed at the conference.


Resolved that, subject to the above amendments being made to risks 2 and 8, the Corporate Risk Register that has been developed for 2022-2023 be approved prior to it being presented to Council.


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