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Climate Change Action Delivery Plan


The Assistant Director (IT and Transformation) introduced Saida Shaikh, Climate Action Delivery Manager to the Committee and advised that Saida would be attending future meetings of the Board to present Members with the Climate Change Action Delivery Plan


The Assistant Director (IT and Transformation) presented to the Committee the Climate Change Delivery Plan.


As part of the Climate Change Strategy, a high-level, strategic Delivery Plan was set out under three key workstreams:


·       Gravesham Borough Council – the organisation Focusing on how the council can change its own operations, and those of its employees, wherever possible to reduce the level of carbon emissions its produces.

·       Gravesham Borough Council – the housing provider Exploring opportunities to bring the council’s current housing stock up to a better level of energy efficiency standard where it is possible to do so; ensuring new council housing is built to a high level of sustainability and ensuring local planning policy reflects the need for the borough to consider energy efficiency in all developments moving forward.

·       Gravesham Borough Council – the community leader It is clear that the council cannot directly affect all of the changes that are needed across the borough. However, in its role as a community leader, it can work with residents, community groups and partners to educate and support them in making changes which will have a positive impact on the level of carbon emissions in the borough.


The Assistant Director (IT and Transformation) highlighted the following to the Board:


·       The working groups are going well; they meet each month and cover the three priority groups listed above.

·       One area of feedback was a request for more challenging baseline data and the removal of “not applicable” where comparable baseline data could be provided; this has now been reflected within the Action Delivery Plan

·       Carbon literacy and EV charging we will be covered later on in the meeting.


The Director (Corporate Services), Assistant Director (IT and Transformation) and Service Manager (Housing Operations) fielded questions from the Board and highlighted the following:


·       The Council has worked with the Energy Savings Trust to create a booklet that advises residents on recycling, how to use lighting and heating efficiently. ‘Energy Champions’ have also been established

·       The Green Doctors scheme was adopted by KCC under the household support fund and the fund has been extended into this year. KCC are working through how best to use the money with an emphasis on pensioners and fuel poverty. Some funding is likely to come to Boroughs. The Director (Corporate Services) agreed to look into this matter further.

·       The Council has already reduced the use of gas boilers and has an air source heat pump being installed as well as a computer intelligent infrared heating system that will be put in at Gravesham Court. The Council is trialling and testing so it can make real decisions about what we do long term. The Heat source pump at Merston Court should control costs for people in housing scheme. This also provides a big opportunity to influence private households; lots of people have already visited the site and got advice and the village hall is looking at installing a ground source heat pump. Private Housing are also looking at this area and gathering mini case studies.

·       The Climate Action Delivery Manager is working with the Digital Team to regularly update the Council’s website with Climate Change information for residents and businesses etc. 

·       The Economic Development Team are engaging with the bigger organisations and advising them about climate change opportunities.

·       The Council have regular updates from UK power networks regarding electricity availability for EV charging and they are aware of the shortcomings in Gravesham which is also a national problem too. This issue was raised at a recent meeting between Local Authorities, Central Government and UK Power and the Chief Executive is raising this matter through the District Councils Network.

·       ‘Passive House principles’ refers to housing that meets the following criteria; no thermal bridging, superior windows, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, quality insulation and airtight construction.

·       The Council will look at the Furniture Project for 2023/24

·       The solar panels at Carl Ekman House are for communal electrics and will save around £6000 a year


The Chair highlighted the importance of Gravesham’s leadership role in the community and how publicity was key to show the way forward.


The Climate Change Advisory Board noted the Climate Change Action Delivery Plan



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