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Matters Arising from Previous Meetings


Members were presented with an update on actions that were requested or promised at the previous Gravesham JTB meeting.


Minute 11. Reports from Officers 173.1 Bath Street - Fastrack Infrastructure Scheme


The Gravesend & Dartford District Manager (KCC) apologised as the update report on Bath Street attached at item 8c on the agenda was supposed to be submitted to a previous Board meeting, but it should answer any outstanding questions by Members.


Minute 14 - Old Road East Speeding Vehicles - Request from Cllr Tony Rana


Cllr Rana advised that he was still waiting for work to be completed that was agreed under the former KCC officer Claire Venner but stopped completely during Covid. Cllr Rana explained that the area was getting worse, especially at the bottom of White Hill Road as the pavement had completely reduced to road level due to the number of cars driving over the kerb every day.


Cllr Rana further added that White Hill school, as of this week, had decided to only use one of the entrances on Sun Lane to allow students to enter/exit school grounds in the mornings which had caused significant traffic and numerous parent complaints. Cllr Rana was due to visit the site in-person tomorrow morning to witness the trouble and had scheduled a meeting with the Head Teacher to discuss alternative solutions.


The Gravesend & Dartford District Manager (KCC) advised that he was waiting for data for that area and the matter was now being dealt with by Ian Gregor; no update on the matter could be submitted with the Matters Arising document as Ian Gregor was on annual leave. The Gravesend & Dartford District Manager (KCC) explained that it was his intention to ensure that KCC officers regularly met with Members in between Gravesham JTB meetings to give updates on issues and progress updates on schemes.


Cllr Ridgers reminded the Board that when he was Chair, following his request and his grant money, Claire Venner installed a camera to monitor speeding along Old Road East towards Prince of Orange and Echo Square. That data must be stored somewhere at KCC, and Cllr Ridgers asked that it be found to assist with data for White Hill Road. Cllr Ridgers noted that at the time the average miles per hour speed was within the speed limits with only a few cars going over the limits.


Cllr Rana explained that the resident that made the complaint about speeding along Old Road Eats lived on the other side of Echo Square with cars heading towards St Johns School; there was a downhill part of the road where drivers accelerated and caused the issue.


Cllr Meade recalled when former County Councillor John Cubitt used his Member grants to pay for ‘school slow’ signs on that stretch of road on Old Road East and requested an update to see if the signs were still operational.


Minute 14 - London Road Cycle Scheme – Request from Cllr Singh


The Gravesend & Dartford District Manager (KCC) confirmed that the cycle scheme had been submitted to the ETCC and a group was being set up to present a report at a future Gravesham JTB meeting once agreement was received.


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