Agenda item

Issues raised by Councillors with the approval of the Chair


The Chair allowed several Members to raise various issues which would be submitted to KCC for actioning.  


Cllr Broadley advised that former Councillor, John Loughlin had emailed Cllr Broadley regarding the chevron markings in Parrock Street near St Johns RC Church.


The Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager advised that the chevron markings on that stretch of road meant ‘no loading’ and were investigated by himself and the Parking & Highways Officer; they both agreed that the markings were no longer needed and could be removed. That stretch of road had been earmarked as a potential site for a taxi electric vehicle charging point, but the Parking & Environmental Enforcement Services Manager needed to find out if the charging point was viable before any plans were made.


Cllr Ridgers highlighted the following issues:


  • Athboy Road – Athboy Road was still closed to the public and only being used to store the vehicles of the construction crew that had made changes to Garrick Street bus station. Cllr Ridgers wanted the vehicles removed and the road reopened to the public


  • Wrotham Road – Parking in Wrotham Road and Trafalgar Road was very bad; Cllr Ridgers noted that out of nineteen recent journeys he had made, there had been seventeen instances where cars were parked on the pavement over yellow lines on both roads. Cllr Ridgers wanted more patrols in the area to deter yellow line parking


  • Puddle – There was a huge puddle outside of the Woodlands Hotel & Restaurant which went halfway across the road. Cllr Ridgers stated that the contractors that resurfaced the road last year should be brought back to take a look


  • E-Scooters – E-Scooters were still causing a problem on the roads and the pavement and action needed to be taken to deal with them although Cllr Ridgers recognised that they did not fall within the remit of the Board


Cllr Rana highlighted the following issues:


  • White Hill School – The Sun Lane entrance and the Jellicoe Avenue entrance were causing significant traffic issues


  • School Road – The issue at School Road had been raised with Claire Venner and she carried out a site visit. Planning permission had been given to a premise on Jellicoe Avenue which allowed them to build a big extension that backed onto School Road. Parents from White Hill School had raised concerns that the extension combined with deliveries being made and the road being used by vehicles recklessly caused a hazard to children walking to school. Cllr Rana asked that a foot four fence be erected outside the school and along School Road to stop vehicles being able to drive over the pavement and provide protection for children walking to and from school


Cllr Meade highlighted the following issues:

  • St Gregory’s Crescent – Recent storms had caused damage to the pavement in St Gregory’s Crescent; contractors had carried out repairs to the area, but it wasn’t completed to a high enough standard which resulted in very uneven pavement causing a hazard to the many wheelchair users living in the road


  • Hillingdon Road – There were numerous issues in Hillingdon Road; trees had fallen during the storms and damaged the pavements which weren’t repaired to good enough standards resulting in uneven pavements which was a hazard to local residents. There had also been significant inconsistencies with planning decisions concerning the granting of applications for driveways; the Council always denied applications for driveways on Hillingdon Road but on appeal some decisions were overturned. Those houses with driveways had created a ‘zig zag’ effect which caused numerous parking and traffic issues on the road. Additionally, the builders working on the Coldharbour estate parked their vehicles on Hillingdon Road and Dennis Road and then walked to Coldharbour; their large vans blocked access all day exacerbating the traffic issues. Cllr Meade aske that Hillingdon Road be made a one-way road with access from Single well towards Wrotham Road


Cllr Broadly raised issue with a cordoned off area in the Hive, Northfleet outside the library where the pavement hadn’t been put back in over seven months; local residents were planning on having a street party over the Jubilee weekend and he asked that the issue be resolved before then.


The Gravesend & Dartford District Manager (KCC) advised that held at a meeting at the site a few weeks back and he had instructed a team to repair it over the next seven days; Gravesham Borough Council were responsible for fixing that part, but the Gravesend & Dartford District Manager (KCC) assured the Board the work would have started by next Monday.