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Gravesend Bus Hub – Clive Road Bus Gate


Further to minute 20.2 (24.05.2022), the Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) informed Members that the report was produced in response to the letter dated 22 June 2022 from Cllr Conrad Broadley, Chair of Gravesham Joint Transportation Board, regarding Clive Road Bus Gate and the request for a 6 months trial period to be introduced under an experimental or temporary TRO to allow taxis through the Bus Gate with the trial being monitored to determine the impact of both taxis and buses using the Bus Gate.


The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) and the Project Manager (KCC) outlined the following: -


·         Whilst Kent County Council (KCC) recognise the crucial role that taxis play, it is committed to improving bus usage, journey times and service reliability in order to reduce traffic pollution and congestion. The misuse of bus gates can severely impact on bus journey times and cause frustration to motorists who adhere to the regulations, often creating local conflict.

·         There had been an increase in all vehicle types misusing the Bus Gate partly due to a distinct lack of enforcement by the Police as it was seen as low-level crime and not a good use of limited Police resources. Use of an enforcement camera would address the misuse as it was now affecting the traffic lights and putting more demand on Parrock Street. Members acknowledged that there was more traffic surrounding the Civic Centre/Town Centre.

·         There was already a taxi rank in Rathmore Road adjacent to Gravesend Railway Station which was accessible via all platforms. Taxis also had use of the taxi rank in nearby New Road and were permitted to traverse Garrick Street and Barrack Row to exit the New Road rank.

·         If the Bus Gate was enforced and traffic misuse had generally ceased, it may be possible to consider a trial for taxis however there would be practicalities in the creation of a temporary exemption / whitelist as this would be registration based and could not be easily amended.

·         The Bus Gate was awaiting the implementation of an enforcement camera and until it was installed, trial routes were unable to be considered. A first tranche of sites requiring enforcement had already been assessed and public engagement had taken place for these in preparation to begin enforcement in early 2023. The Clive Road Bus Gate was being assessed for inclusion in the second tranche of sites.

·         The trail would be the responsibility of KCC’s Camera Enforcement Team, and it would that that Team who would consider and determine any additional use of the Bus Gate.

Concern was expressed regarding the upkeep and cleanliness of the Gravesend Bus Hub. The Dartford & Gravesham District Manager (KCC) advised that street cleansing was a responsibility of Gravesham Borough Council (GBC) and that any concerns would need to be reported to GBC. KCC had attempted to make contact with GBC regarding the upkeep.


The Board noted the report and acknowledged that it would receive an update on this as the implementation of Clive Road Bus Gate enforcement progresses.


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