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Local Cycling and Working Infrastructure Plan Report


The Committee were provided with a presentation on the Gravesham Local Cycling & Walking Implementation Plan. 


The presentation had been published and could be accessed the below the below link:


·         (Public Pack)Supplementary - Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan Presentation Agenda Supplement for Strategic Environment Cabinet Committee, 22/11/2022 19:30 (


The Principal Transport and NSIP Project Manager advised that the full Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan had been published as a supplementary to the main report.


In response to Member questions, the Principal Transport and NSIP Project Manager and the Service Manager (Planning) advised that:


  • With regard to creating a cycle/walking path that linked Meopham and Istead Rise, the Council needed to create a viable scheme that could be developed; previously one of the biggest barriers to the path was the need to acquire access over land. If the proposal was to moved forward, it was possible that a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) may have to be pursued for the necessary land. The link between Istead Rise Primary School and the expansion of Meopham Secondary School may help the case for a path. Previously, a bid had been submitted under the Active Travel Fund which was now managed by Active Travel England however the bid was unsuccessful, and no feedback was received as to why it was unsuccessful
  • KCC would not expand the A227 as they do not have the funds for such schemes unless funded by development; the Chair had met with National Highways and KCC to discuss designated funds as where the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) had a significant impact on an area it had a duty to correct or manage any issues.. The Principal Transport and NSIP Project Manager was looking at the flow of traffic on the A227 to build a business case for a scheme and would talk to the LTC about criteria for various funding pots in Designated Funds
  • Transport modelling would be part of the contracts for the LTC and feed into the wider responses
  • The Council did not pay for the Local Cycling & Walking Implementation Plan; the work was funded by the Government via KCC and Designated Funds from National Highways
  • The LCWIP did not take into account some other significant projects where details are emerging in the area as outlined on page 31; as a result, for planning applications it provides evidence for  section 106 agreement asks, and other aspects requested as part of those developments. However, the Service Manager (Planning) advised Members of viability issues with certain developments within the Borough, which meant not all section 106 asks could be funded on every occasion
  • The Northfleet Harbourside site application was validated recently and the target was to report the planning application to the Planning Committee in February/March 2023; in terms of delivery not all of the land was owned by the applicant, as such delivery would not commence immediately. The Service Manager (Planning) estimated that the project was a 10-15 year build plan that would most likely start in 2025/26

In response to Members concerns that the LCWIP would be shelved in a few years’ time, the Service Manager (Planning) assured Members that Planning Officers would consider the LCWIP in term of specifics when considering planning applications. For example, the Canal Basin application had cycling routes built into the scheme after discussions with KCC. Discussions had also been held regarding a safe walking route from the Canal Basin to the Town Centre and the LCWIP would inform those discussions. In due course, the LCWIP would also inform the emerging Local Plan


The Chair reminded Members to make their KCC Members aware of any pressing issues; Cllr Dibben was encouraged to speak to his KCC Member regarding funding for the cycle route between Meopham and Istead Rise.


In response to a Members concern, the Chair advised that in order to access Government money for active travel, a Local Cycling & Walking Implementation Plan had to exist. Hopefully the work that went into creating the plan would also be able to get used in a response to the construction of the LTC.


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