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Council Housing Annual report 2022/23


The Committee was presented with a draft copy of the Annual Council Housing Report for 2022-23. Members comments were sought on the content of the report prior to design work being undertaken by the Communications Team and it being ratified by the Cabinet Member for Housing Services. It would then be made available to tenants both electronically and hard copy.


The Committee was informed that the Annual Council Housing Report will provide tenants with information relating to the achievements of the last 12 months and to celebrate the successes. It will provide tenants with information regarding the services the Council provides and will give an insight into what they can expect in the coming 12 months. The report will also inform tenants regarding the number of complaints and compliments received. This was an opportunity to let tenants know that the Council did not always get it right first time, but if it didn’t, then it was committed to putting it right and to thank all of the tenants who took the time to compliment the Council.


The Committee considered the annual report and highlighted the following:-


·         in relation to damp and mould, it was requested that the language/wording be looked at in terms of the Council being broadly compliant as the Council was compliant in most areas however there were only some areas for improvements;

·         in relation to Independent Living, reference be made to the disabled facilities grant and/or further information provided on adaptations;

·         in relation to rent arrears, the Committee asked whether the Council should be concerned regarding the current position with rent arrears as the figures were accumulating. The Head of Neighbourhood Services advised that Gravesham’s rent arrear percentage was good compared to other authorities so he was not overly concerned at this stage. Members highlighted that the Low-Income Family Tracker (LIFT) should be identifying this and asked whether more resources were required in terms of LIFT. The Head of Neighbourhood Services advised that he would explore this further outside of the meeting;

·         in relation to Right to Buy, the Committee noted that there had been a significant increase in the number of tenants wishing to purchase their Council home over the last 36 months and how much of the sale figure was retained by the Council. The Head of Housing Assets advised that it had recently been announced that the Council would be eligible to retain 100% of the receipt from a right to buy sale. However, there had recently been a decline in right to buy sales so the Council would be undertaking research to see if the decline was a national trend or peculiar to Gravesham; and

·         in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Members noted that there were 101 ASB cases and asked how this compared to the previous year. The Head of Neighbourhood Services advised that he would incorporate the previous year’s figure within the report.


The Committee discussed and provided its feedback (as above) on the Annual Council Housing Report 2022-23 prior to it being ratified by the Cabinet Member for Housing Services.

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