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GCLL Annual Update


The Committee were provided with an annual update presentation from GCLL. A short video detailing the performance of a nationally selected volleyball player in Gravesham was shown to Members.


 The presentation and video are available through the below link:


Following the presentation, the Managing Director and Head of Operations from GCLL fielded questions from Members and explained that:


  • GCLL gym membership rates were affected during the pandemic as many users cancelled their membership and it was challenge in the immediate years following to increase the membership rates again. However, during 2023 things changed and membership grew with the footfall singlet increasing to the leisure centres due to a number of reasons. Many members of the public wanted to increase their fitness, improve their mental health and be more social
  • Members of the public that were fifty plus were a key demographic that GCLL wanted to target them more; GCLL were working with several different companies and running campaigns to attract fifty plus member from different communities within the borough
  • Cygnet ran ‘mother & tots’ sessions during the week; increased advertising of those sessions could be investigated
  • Google reviews were difficult to improve upon and could be affected by a number of things; Cygnets rating was lower than the other two sites, but customers were individual and had different feelings about what was good and bad to them. A bad review for Cygnets was received last week from a customer that felt the leisure centre was too busy for them, but it may not have been too busy for the other customers; a response to that review was given and the reviewer was told it would be raised with the site manager
  • The Managing Director advised that reviews were important as they informed GCLL how well they were doing and where they could improve; two team members had been assigned to manage the reviews and provide responses. Cleanliness was also an important factor when giving reviews and it was top of GCLL’s agenda but many areas by the pools were wet areas and hard to maintain 24/7. The mystery visits that GCLL subscribed too helped to bring up the standard of the leisure centres and ensure that issues were resolved as soon a possible as well as put things in place to stop them being issues again in the future. Customers were also encouraged to leave reviews when they had had a positive experience but many customers only left reviews when they perceived that they had had a bad experience
  • Members that had a membership but rarely or never used the leisure centres were called ‘sleeping members’; many of the members that cancelled their membership during the pandemic were classed as ’sleeping members’. Prior to the pandemic, the leisure industry relied heavily on those people but nowadays members would cancel if they didn’t meet their goals, so communication was key. GCLL were reviewing different ways of contacting their membership via various platforms including all forms of popular social media (such as TikToK which had generated thousands of views from one video)
  • There was an app called ‘Pulse Trakk’ which worked alongside the GCLL app and told members to get to the gym, how far they were away from their goals and what they needed to do etc
  • The leisure centres managed by GCLL offered more than just gyms; they also offered pools, sauna, health facilities, sports and a community focus. The leisure centres were community assets, part funded by the community and the communities support was needed


A suggestion was made by a Member that an event day be held outside the Civic Centre promoting GCLL; a sports/gym class could be held on Community Square that was open to the public and all would be encouraged to join in. If the event was communicated early enough, it could attract quite a large crowd of people in suitable clothing.


The Head of Operations explained that event days started last year and formed part of the active now programme; discussions had already been held with the Leisure Manager and event days had been well attended at various places around the borough. The last event day, called ‘active in the community’ was a series of exercise classes held at Ebbsfleet train station which members of the public were encouraged to take part in.


The Chair thanked the GCLL officers for their detailed presentation.



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